Entradas etiquetadas como ‘far right’

Immigrant Panic and the Estonian Media

Reading a text at a meeting carried out by EKRE in Tartu last February 6th. The party held meetings in cafes that day in different cities of the country to inform of the dangers of multiculturalism, heeding to the call of a pan-European day of fight against immigration called in conjunction with the German party Pegida among others. (Photo: Anton Klink for Delphi)

A survey taken last month has found 21% of Estonians considers immigration to be the biggest problem Estonia is facing at the moment. Unemployment was second, chosen by 12% of the respondents.

The question is the following: how did 21% of Estonians come to consider immigration their main national worry when the country is yet to receive a single asylum seeker from the assigned EU quota? Or, in other words, why so many people are troubled about something they do not know from first hand? The answer must then lie in what has been told to them about the immigration crisis. Read On…

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