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On Post-truth as a Development of Capitalism (Fragments)

I. Could the trait of refusing to engage with the pursuit of reasoned truth –to even attempt to elucidate the truth– that appears to be the sign of our times be a reflection of a late stage in the ideological encroachment of capitalism? Could the habit of satisfying our desires at any moment through the choice between different options competing in the marketplace have become so deeply ingrained in our minds that some of us might have started to choose not just to take shelter in alternative realities in the face of difficulties, but to actually behave –not pretend– as if their wishes towards reality, timely reflected in the offers of a new sort of polished strong men, were real?

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Immigrant Panic and the Estonian Media

Reading a text at a meeting carried out by EKRE in Tartu last February 6th. The party held meetings in cafes that day in different cities of the country to inform of the dangers of multiculturalism, heeding to the call of a pan-European day of fight against immigration called in conjunction with the German party Pegida among others. (Photo: Anton Klink for Delphi)

A survey taken last month has found 21% of Estonians considers immigration to be the biggest problem Estonia is facing at the moment. Unemployment was second, chosen by 12% of the respondents.

The question is the following: how did 21% of Estonians come to consider immigration their main national worry when the country is yet to receive a single asylum seeker from the assigned EU quota? Or, in other words, why so many people are troubled about something they do not know from first hand? The answer must then lie in what has been told to them about the immigration crisis. Read On…

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You, Estonians, Are Being Lied To About Race


EKRE’s website main banner. Why is it always about women?

What angers me the most about what happened to me last Saturday evening in Tallinn is that it was all a lie. It’s not that the middle-aged swastika-tattooed Estonian man who told my friends and I from his table at a restaurant “Estonia is for Whites only, go to your country” didn’t believe in what he said —idiots be idiots everywhere—, but the fact that he was echoing a false debate taking place right now among Estonians is worrisome. This lie has a strong potential for harming the country, and something maybe even worse: to make it waste its precious time.

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The Family Matter

Publicado originalmente en ERR News, el servicio en inglés de la radiotelevisión estonia.

Gay Family (Raising Alek)

Estonian conductor Erki Pehk and his boyfriend appeared together on the red carpet at the president’s Independence Day reception last February. It was the first time a gay couple had stepped on that carpet, and their public appearance seems to have reignited public and political debate on gay rights in Estonia.

The Baltic Pride in Tallinn, a manifesto by the euro MP Kristiina Ojuland calling for more tolerance to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in Estonia, and the recent opening in Tallinn of the only information center in Estonia on these issues are just a sample of what has been going on here since February. But it is the step forward taken by the Ministry of Justice proposing the introduction of a civil partnership law around which debate has centered.

Supporters of LGBT rights now see a chance to advance their agenda in Estonia, while opponents have argued that current legislation is enough. Estonia lacks a civil union law while the general rate of unmarried couples living together is on rise. Three of the four political parties represented in Parliament have agreed to act on the issue. One of the government-coalition parties, IRL, opposes.

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Todo comenzó en 2011

Publicado originalmente en ERR, la radiotelevisión estonia, bajo el título 2011- The Year It All Started.

Sol Metro station exit in Madrid, May 19th 2011 (P.V.)

Many will say the October 15th protests around the world have had a lesser impact than, say, the death of Steve Jobs. But they are not aware of how the world has started to change around them. Our species is getting rid of democracy’s deadliest enemy: silence.

December 18th, 2010 saw the rise of the “Arab Spring”. Revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, a civil war in Libya, armed clashes in Yemen and Syria, and an unprecedented relaxation of other regimes have turned upside down a region we used to consider a stable outpost of tyranny and oppression. And that’s just the balance up to the moment.

Then the Greeks continued to let out their rage against their corrupt government and started to demonstrate massively and sometimes violently. The “Generation in Trouble” came out in Portugal just some weeks before the Spanish “Indignants” took the main squares of the country for a month on May 15th. This was a turning point for demonstrations in the Western World.

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