You, Estonians, Are Being Lied To About Race


EKRE’s website main banner. Why is it always about women?

What angers me the most about what happened to me last Saturday evening in Tallinn is that it was all a lie. It’s not that the middle-aged swastika-tattooed Estonian man who told my friends and I from his table at a restaurant “Estonia is for Whites only, go to your country” didn’t believe in what he said —idiots be idiots everywhere—, but the fact that he was echoing a false debate taking place right now among Estonians is worrisome. This lie has a strong potential for harming the country, and something maybe even worse: to make it waste its precious time.

The truth is immigration is not a problem in Estonia. There are barely any economic migrants coming here; it is rather the opposite: Estonians tend to be economic migrants themselves. Neither giving shelter to 150, nor 1,064 poor devils fleeing a war-torn country will turn this country into the deranged fantasies of the new racist party —EKRE— and of other extremely ignorant or extremely cynical individuals. It is enraging to see even ministers using this to try to score populist points putting forward ridiculous laws, such as the proposed preemptive ban on burkas, or Kristiina Ojuland talking about “the future of the White race” in deeply concerned terms.

It feels very strange having to say this in the year 2015, but the colour of your skin doesn’t make you more prone to violence, crime, drug addiction, or to burning Estonian flags. The way you are generally treated by the people surrounding you, particularly when you are in a moment of deep need —such as when you have had to leave everything behind and start a new life in a strange country— does. In what is a dark-skinned Estonian different from a white-skinned one exactly? He or she speaks Estonian, probably loves kohuke and kama too, and has been raised on a diet consisting on potatoes and imported Spanish tomatoes in Winter. What is so terrible about this person? Ok, they are black. So what? They don’t look exactly like your grandfather. Big deal. They are Estonians, they feel and think like Estonias, because that’s what they are. Maybe they have some cultural traits they have inherited from their foreign parents, but, for example, since when have Estonians traditionally been so addicted to spicy food or prosecco as they are today? Cultures change, evolve, constantly. There is not such thing as a “pure Estonian” or “pure German” culture. If that’s what you want, you should shut the Internet down immediately.

Kas Must Tulevik?

“Is the Future Black? – Drug addiction, Islam”- Placard in a demonstration by EKRE in Tallinn on July 18th- (Andres Putting for Delfi).

The preachers of hate, xenophobia and racism in Estonia are scaring you by hand-picking examples of crimes committed by individuals who happened to have a black skin or be Muslim. They speak of Sweden, France, Germany, the UK, as examples of countries ridden by a horrible immigration wave that is suffocating their cultures and economies. Is that so? How are these countries even managing to be so successful and a model for Estonia then? What racists are hiding are the millions of immigrants and descendants of immigrants who are perfectly integrated and contribute every day to the success of their countries.

Yes, each of these countries has made its own mistakes in how they treated the populations they received from their former colonies or from their generous asylum policies. Chiefly among them, they developed at some point in their history racist policies blind to cultural differences that have resulted in the creation of pockets of poverty and crime, due to unequal opportunities because of race. Consciously or unconsciously, they made a problem out of race. Shouldn’t we be profiting from their experience and studying the abundance of lessons they have produced to avoid making the same mistakes? Instead we are being led exactly to the same trap, so we make the same mistake and get the same results. We can be better than that.

Because saying “no” to immigration is not an option. Sooner or later other people come to live by your side, that is how our species is. Estonians are moving to other countries and other people are coming to ours. The main difference between you and those 150 is that they are poor. They are very poor because they have lost everything. And they want to work for a better life. Wouldn’t you want that should you be in their place? Anyone else who tells you stories about loafers and crime empires is either consciously lying to you or being extremely ignorant. While you are busy worrying about keeping out of Estonia 150 people in need, you are not worrying about fighting the inequalities and corruption that keep too many Estonians struggling economically. But, hey, let’s ban the burka.

Repeating racist ideas without stopping to think has consequences in real life. If the debate on immigration hadn’t taken the ridiculous kindergarten turn it has, an idiot with a swastika in his wrist wouldn’t have felt bold enough to go to five Spaniards (he had balls, I’ll give him that) in a restaurant and tell them what he did. My sense is that the current public debate is encouraging the racist to behave like such, making Estonia a worse place. And it is so because it seems to me Estonians are not standing up to this nonsense. You are letting the racist get away with racist comments and arguments without telling them that is stupidity and they are idiots. Well, you shouldn’t. The usual indifference is not an option here. When Fascists —yes, that’s what they are behind their sensible-sounding arguments about the “survival of the nation”— feel brave to go shouting around, it is usually just the beginning.

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  • Well written post and very true! You sir, got it all right! 🙂

  • Bien dicho Pablo! Me da lastima y verguenza que haya gente asi en mi pais. Lo peor es que esa rabia contra “algo diferente” seguira presente en las proximas generaciones 🙁 nuestros mamis y papis hacen buen trabajo para ello

    • ¡Gracias! Vamos a ver si somos capaces de pararlo y mejorar nuestro país.

  • fdfssd

  • Muy bien dicho! Lo que està pasando ahora en Estonia da asco. Gracias por anotar todo lo que yo no supe.

  • ¡Muchas gracias! Sólo espero que podamos pararlo entre todos y reflexionemos sobre qué tipo de país queremos.

  • Sieg heil! Estonia is for whites. :DDDDDDD

  • burn an estonian flag in finland. just for the lolz

  • Had the pleasure of living in Estonia for a year I experienced both ends of the spectrum if youd like you can read about it here :

  • Strange writing that has very little to do with reality. People in Estonia are not intrinsically bad – greedy or afraid of people of different colour. We have had an experience of Russian colonization and now we have seen enough of Europe to see what is coming.
    I lived in a small town in Italy and saw a city park hijacked from parents with small kids by Albanian and North African mobsters. Have you ever visited Marseille. 50% of the town is off limits for the police and completely unsafe (and yes, your guessed, not because of French ladies being to too enthusiastic in their romantic pursuits). And come on – those immigrants from Africa (a vast majority of them) will not become Estonians. Go and spek to somalese or nigerians in Helsinki in Finnish and see what happens. At best you will not get any response.
    Estonians are afraid of degradation of our society the same way as happened in may places in Europe.

    • Thanks for your comment, Perbene.
      I am not saying people in Estonia are in any specific way. What I’m saying is they are not standing up to the racists among them and they are being too tolerant to dangerous arguments about race.

      Neither I am saying adjusting to immigration is easy, there are problems everywhere and immigration should ideally be well controlled and given the tools to adapt and integrate in the host country.

      What I am saying is that these problems are not due to any intrinsically evil nature of the immigrants just because of their skin colour, but because of mistakes the receiving countries have made. “Degradation” doesn’t happen because someone’s skin is black. And there are perfectly “French”, “Spanish”, “British” and even “Swedish” black people. It’s just they don’t appear in the crime news racists seem so keen to look at because… well, they are well adjusted.

      I am also saying, allowing racists to go around behaving as such is the worst way of dealing with immimgration.

      • Tienes razón.
        But, just out of interest, each of these countries has made their attempts and they all have failed in some measure and you (and we all) label them as “mistakes”. What would you see as the way without mistakes? We cannot see inside the people, and the willingness to integrate comes from inside a person. It is either there or it is not. I am not sure how state policies could awaken this willingness inside a person.

        • I think someone who has come such a long way, leaving aside his life, has proven a lot of will. If we help them in a humanely possible way. We can create the conditions for helping him or her to integrate, and help as much as we can, and we should do it intelligently.

          Having said this, success is not guaranteed, of course. But failure is guaranteed not doing anything or not giving them any chances to integrate.

          • Again, you are right, but our experience so far with our Russian-speaking community shows otherwise. True, they were not in the same situation as the present-day refugees from Syria or Eritrea (at least for the most part; some were probably not resettled willingly) but at present the reality in Estonia is that there are two communities that stay separate and do not have many common points of contact with each other. Yes, for some part this is the failure of the state; but these things usually go both ways.

            Moreover, I think (although I know little about these things and haven’t researched much), that the first generation of immigrants are usually ready and willing to integrate into the society; my impression is that those who create problems in Germany or France, are the second or third generation. They no longer have that will that their parents had; they have only expectations and very little wish to give anything back. (Again, this does not apply to all of them, but only the troublemakers.) For the most part they have benefitted from the education and social systems (and transport and health and entertainment etc) of the host country, they speak the language, they have the passports… It’s just that they don’t have the self-identity as Germans/French/etc.

            • With the Russian community there is a heavy loaded historical past that needs to be overcome. It’s entirely different and doesn’t need to be this way with a refugee or an immigrant from Asia.

              I’m no expert either, but it seems to me problems with the second generation arise due to problems to form their own identity. They don’t feel neither from here nor from “there”, and I speculate they tend to experience discrimination due to the color of their skin. That’s where we can help and where racism harms the country.

              Also, you have to bear in mind their frustration: they are born here, they are from here and they don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Their identity is their own business. All we can do is help to make those new identities harmonious, so they don’t drag their lives.

              • Hello Pablo,

                Sorry, that You have had this bad experience in Estonia. I would say, that Russian population of this country was suffering from this racism for 20 years and has completely different opinion on multicultural society. Racists are mainly estonians. But this racist has lied to You, because estonians hate pretty much anyone being non estonian (russians, finns, germans, what so ever). They even hate each other so, that do not want to get married and have kids. The population decreases very rapidly. The only thing estonians proud of is that Hitler accepted them as an german-like race and did not have a plan to destroy this nation.

                The saddest thing, that they do not realize, that if you are racist and hater, you are the best catch for some politics to be ruled, manipulated and serve their needs.

      • You think that all scientists are lying when they say that Estonians are whites? You are extreme cultural-marxist! Your view to race is extreme! Don’t think that you own truth – no way!

  • An interesting read. Personally I don’t give a flying fuck about the racists in Estonia. They’re the voice of the stupid and there’s essentially nothing else they can do besides bully someone on the street anyway.
    What interests me, however, is how to integrate the 150 immigrants as fast as possible with as little conflict as possible. I mean, 150 is roughly enough to send 1 immigrant to every other parish.
    Now, when I say conflict, I mean situations where someone gets physically hurt. Everybody gets called names every now and then. I for one got called several obscene things yesterday on the football field and returned the favor kindly. No biggie.
    So my logic goes as follows:
    People tend to stick together with who they know. If who they know is potentially a troublesome group, it might be a good idea to split them up and give them new groups to hang out with, hoping the new ones are somehow better. From the integration viewpoint, it seems to make sense that giving an immigrant a group of locals to hang out with, rather than let him wander around alone or with other immigrants, should yield better results. Now, obviously, this is most unfortunate for the immigrants as they are suddenly cut off from everything they used to know. But that’s the point, isn’t it? This IS a new location and they really have to start over anyway. So why not go the extra mile and make sure they adjust all the way. If all goes well they’ll be eating 3 meals of potatoes a day like the rest of us in no time.

    • I’m no expert in integration, but you seem to have a point. I’m not sure about forcing someone not to live their identity and hang out with compatriots. We all miss home and Estonia is not a camp, but an open society after all. You still have rights as an immigrant.

  • Well me as an Estonian say, that we have had so much other people in our country in the past, we have been a free country for a very little time and we need that freedom and already other people want to come in again, we try to save Estonia from other people, we don’t like russians in our country or any other folk, we just want to be alone

    • I really don’t think the Russian immigration (maybe “colonization”) during a period of submission to a foreign power is comparable to taken refugees or helping immigrants integrate.

      I don’t see how having foreigners living with you takes away your “freedom”. Could you explain that?

      Being alone is not an option anymore. Unless you want to become North Korea. They are really alone.

  • Darker skin is not only skin! Black race is a sub-race just like the Nobel Prize winner Albert Schweizer said… Look at the black race. If there are enough of them you’ll see their real group dynamics and it is full of violence, corruption, ignorance… Stop your marxist propaganda! It is bullshit!

    • It seems to me it is you who hasn’t really “looked at the black race”. Have you ever met any black person in your life?

  • No we don’t share our land, people, language, culture and anything else with non real Estonians, get lost here and go fuck yourselves if you don’t accept it

    • Can you imagine a world in which every country did that? What do you think would happen to small countries like Estonia?

      You are in for a lot of loneliness…

    • This article is awesome, well done. Besides, some Estonians are so hypocrite, because they think that they are blonde and blue-eyed but, hey, real Estonians came ten thousand years ago from the Urals and they had mongoloid traits and very dark hair XD. No one could say now he or she is real Estonian, not even the language we speak here now is even that very Estonian language those finno-ugric tribes brought with them, so why protecting something it does not exist anymore? If Kalev would be here… The real problem here is that you are not accustomed to be with other different racial groups and that´s why you are so terrified. Immigrants are not the problem, the problem is your politicians and the miniimum palk you have, but you prefer blaming anyone else than yourselves. Besides, you never go against your government and you do not take the streets as in Western Europe. for example, you do not have the bollocks to fight your government and strike back but, once again, it is not the immigrants´fault. And, of course, if we´d be like you, we´d kick you out from out countries, you are different, with a language which is not even from indo-european roots, you have other culture, other value system and so on, so do not judge if you do not wish to be judged. As I have said, the problem here (as someone said before) is that you want to live alone, but that´s no longer possible in our current world and you must change, whether you like it or not. I would like to see some Finnish people kicking you out from Finland XD (tähendab, see on silmakirjalikus). A lot of people tell me on the street, if you do not accept it, go back to your country XD. Why should I accept anything if I am an European citizen and I can go wherever I want to? Let´s fight for a better world.

  • Those immigrants aren’t Estonians and they’ll never become one of us. You can show me a sleeping dog in a stable, but i will never beliveve that he is a horse. You disgusting nation destroyers!!

    • I don’t think you have understood the text. I’m not saying that.

  • We Estonians have no problems with racism. This is imported brand, from the EU foderation, that is so desperate to promote anything concerned with racism. Now we have to read articles every day how hostal country we are. The truth is, we are in advance protecting us from the shit that we see in Sweden and Norway. We are not blind, we know what is going on.

    • And what’s going on in Sweden and Norway, according to you?

  • The author does not say a word about why Estonians oppose immigration: One third of the population is an immigrant and non estonian national.

    The percentage of immigrants is one of the highest in the world.

    That’s why.

    If you dont know this or don’t want to mention, why bother writing an article?


    An immigrant in Estonia.

    • I think comparing a population brought in during an occupation is not comparable to immigration.

      Do you really think your case is the same as that of a Russian who came here because Estonia was (occupied by the Soviet Union) part of what he considered his country?


      • I was talking about the wievpoint, feelings and motivations of the Estonians. They certainly feel that immigration is dangerous and juts bad, because they experienced mass immigration when they were occupied and terrorized.

        Isn’t it clear?

        Leaving this part out and labeling them racist is very short-sighted.

        Also, do never judge a whole nation, “you, Estonians”

        “You” spanish did a lot of awful things, genocide of native americans, slave trading, colonialism, and never apologized for any of these yet there is absolute no point judging a whole nation. But when you judge, you are judged, as a reaction.

        • The headline is a rhetorical device aimed at grabbing attention, and it’s working pretty well at that. Plus, telling someone he is being lied to is not judging them. I’m judging the liars, and saying they are terrorizing their fellow Estonians with racist lies. Whoever feels offended by this is choosing to.

          I don’t accept responsibility for what my country did 500 years before I was born. Particularly when I am myself half South American. But, overall, because it adds nothing to the debate and distracts attention from the fact that there are people lying in Estonia, to Estonians, about race.

  • Hahahha.. and here they are. The voices of the dumb and miserable 😀 Laying bricks all day is so frustrating they need to spend their vacation-days on the Internet spamming racial slurs using 5th grade vocabulary 😀

  • When you are writing an article about an other “nation” in general, it is worth looking at your own first.

    Estonians may bea bit racist, and fear immigration, because one third of the population is immigrant, but at least Estonians never went to other countries or continents to exterminate the local population.

    They never took part in slave trade, for what the nations that did never asked for an apology.

    So please…

    • Oh, the “tu quoque”. A winning argument in every discussion.

      How exactly does what my country did 500 years ago disqualifies me from complaining that racists are getting too much tolerance in Estonia? Please, tell me.

      • It doesnt disqualify. But it doesnt look right.

        When you think it is ok to judge or teach a whole nation, you must think it is ok to judge your nation too.


        Because when you say, “You estonians” you certainly not consider yourself Estonian.

        You consider yourself someone that can teach Estonians about morals from “outside”.

        So you think not being an Estonian, but a part of an other nation is enough ground to lecture estonians.

        That can only mean, you think you can lecture estonians because you are spanish. and tht already sounds NOT right.

        Because if your moral ground is being an outsider, then your moral ground is your national identity.

        And it leaves your moral ground to be exmined.

        And when you judge a nation (or a person), you take in account its past as well.

        So if you think that it is morally ok to judge a whole nation, you will suddenly loose a huge bit of the moral ground you wanted to lecture them from.

        • I’ve already answered part of this in your previous comment. If you read the article carefully, you will see it’s written using “we”, such as “we can do better than that”.

          My life is here and I consider this my country. And even if I didn’t, I would still be committed to making an honest informed and balanced critique to something I consider to be wrong.

          The focus you are putting in an imaginary offense to “the Estonian nation” speaks more about your own personal attitudes towards criticism than about me or the issue. I haven’t said anywhere in the text “Estonians are…” I’m talking about ideas in Estonia, aimed to Estonians and originated in what I consider to be Estonian racists.

  • There is no such thing as race in the first place

  • What s most pissing off locals,are the penefits they will start living on….most of the people would not earn that money and doing hard work. And what s most…where are women and children? They are most young men who should protect their families at home not come to europe to paracite! All of this BS is called human trafficing and our local politicians earn from this as well…and whats most they don t want those immigrants to live next to them and thus sending them far away as possible somewhere countryside. We don t want rapes(read sweden statistic),murders, riots etc like happens in Sweden etc and it will most sure will happen if it becomes too many of them as they never adapt to our culture. What happens if you take away all of these penefits…most sure they will start riot. Do you think we are blind how europe is being changed by this uncontrolled immigration? If a muslim thinks,that a woman wearing a skirt and not wearing a burka will give him a right to rape then Estonia is not a place to him.

    • 1- It looks like your problem is more with the politicians and the rules they make than with the immigrants.

      2- Have you ever heard of emigrants who go to work to a richer country, so they can send money home to their families? It’s done a lot around the world. Probably those Estonian men in Finland do it as well, instead of being here “protecting their families at home”.

      3- Rape is a very complex issue. I suggest you read the Wikipedia article on rape in Sweden, it seems the definition is a bit loose there (if only Assange had known, right?):

      4- Please, tell me: how is Europe changed by this “uncontrolled immigration”? I come from a country with one of the highest percentages of immigrants in Europe (about 11% of the population) and, hey, no one raped me while I was there.

      5- I encourage you to ask a Muslim about the right to rape someone not wearing a burka. You have only 1,500 of them in Estonia, but I’m sure they’ll be happy to explain you what Islam says about it. You might be surprised..

  • Unfortunately you have no idea what you talking about, everything isn’t black and white

    • So what’s happening? Invasion of middle east and africa? We dont owe anyone anything from these countries and it can be seen as close as from finnland and sweden what s happening!

      • A few of the commenters seem to know about something very disturbing taking place in Finland and Sweden. Can anyone of you please tell me what is it?

        • I suppose they are referring to all those prejudices and suppositions that EKRE helps to air, about immigrants taking over whole communities and even the police being afraid to go there. Hooever, seeing as I try to keep away from EKRE and Madame Ojuland, and neither do I keep up with the goings-on in FI or SW, I cannot say whether it really is like that.

          But I did think on what you wrote about not speaking up against racism. There is a saying in Estonian that goes something like, “Do not touch the shit, it’ll stink”. That is exactly the feeling that some of the comments here give me. It’s just plain disgusting. (I hope you understand which ones I mean; they’re not yours.) So knowing what they will get from the replies, people just prefer to keep away from such topics. Does it sour the general atmosphere in Estonian social media? Sure. Is it wrong? Probably. However, personally I feel that I don’t have your ability to reply calmly and politely to all the shit that has been thrown around here, and if I can’t stay polite, usually I prefer not to say anything, it would be vulgar. I suppose many others feel the same way. So, all I can say is kudos to you.

          There is probably also the factor that people tend to speak up when they really feel strongly about something, when they feel threatened. Those who do not see immigrants as a problem, who can happily survive with a black neighbour or a muslim acquaintance, those do not feel threatened. The people who fear those who are different, they are feeling threatened, so they are making all the hullabaloo.

    • Unfortunately, “everything isn’t black and white” (good pun), is such a vague statement and applicable to so many arguments, I’m afraid I have no idea about what are YOU talking about.

  • How is the ban on burkas racist? Covering your face and thus preventing identification in public places can and will be a big security risk. If you come to a country with different religion and customs, YOU have to adapt to them, not vice versa. Forcing your own religion on other people is also racism; just like Muslim men refuse to shake hands with women at work places etc.

    • It is the context that makes it both stupid and smell of racism. Have you seen any women wearing a burka in Estonia? Probably not because among the 1,500 Muslims in Estonia there doesn’t seem to be any who consider it part of their religion.

      Rushing to ban a item of clothing worn by a minority of the Muslims in the world even before we know who is coming here, is creating a cartoonish image of Muslims as a whole, and thus making people afraid of them. Aside from being impractical and racist.

      I am personally against allowing burkas in most public spaces. I consider it a sign of oppression of women and a very impractical item for life in our societies. But this preemptive ban wasn’t taking these concerns into account and, rather, was trying to score populist points over a false myth about Muslims (i.e. “all Muslims force women to wear burkas and are aggressive towards those who don’t”), precisely building over racist ideas already present in our public sphere.

      • Not hiding your face in public is also a custom; a custom that has to be respected by those who come to the said country. Your paranoia about everything and everyone “bullying” the “minority” by not allowing them to force their religious beliefs on others is obviously clouding your common sense here

  • You, Pablo have no legitimacy whatsoever telling estonians what they must or must not do in Estonia. But you are welcome to have your opinion on subject without fingepointing.

    René Stevenson

    • I’m sorry, but I live here and what people around me do or don’t do does affect me (specially when it involves harassing me because of the language I speak). I will keep saying what I think others should or should not do –respectfully, honestly, and arguing ad res–, and everyone else is free to listen or not to me; and, of course, to tell me what they think in return –whether I like it or not.

      • There is no excuse in that you live in Estonia and of course: the real cause is the language you speak(or don’t). So do your homework: listen more, talk less.

  • Härra Veyrat! Sa ei tea mitte sittagi ,kes on eestlased. Ma arvan isegi sa pole käinud Ida-Virumaale ja sa ei tea kuidas meie eesti-venelased elavad seal.
    Kui sulle ei meeldi kuidas me elame Eestis,siis palun minge tagasi oma maale. Kõik head teile!

    • I have already commented about Russian speakers and Third World immigrants not being comparable. And, yes, I’ve been to Ida-Virumaa.

      I’m afraid you’ll have to bear with me and people like me. You can either do that or get out of the European Union. And that’s just one reason. The other is that I have my life here, and my family is Estonian. See? It gets complicated, and being radical about it won’t work. That’s actually what I’m trying to say in the text.

  • When Maoris, Australian Aborigines, Inuit, Amazonian tribes etc, demand a right to refuse immigration into their territories, does that make them racists?

    • Can you elaborate on that one? I don’t understand what you are trying to say.

      • Hmmm – I am not trying to say anything. It is a question, and I think the question is very clear. To test, at brunch today, I asked the same question. Everyone seemed to understand the question. It was an interesting, lively and thought-provoking discussion. There were many interesting oppinions.

    • Are you suggesting Estonians should be kept in a Reservation?

      • Wow – this thought-thread never occurred in my mind. But what about my question?

        • Well, it just does not apply here. Native americans and australian aborigines are actually refugees themselves in their own country, without economical strength to survive in the jungle of their countries now, so the counterpart (rest of americans/australians) let them some areas of control. That was not enforced by them or demanded, that was a way from the counterparts to avoid other problems and feel better with themselves. About Amazonian tribes, the trend right now is the last “uncontacted” tribes are going out of the jungle and asking for integration into the states. They are so fucked up by ilegal explotation of their resources and killings by companies that prefer to go out and change lifes.

          You guys have a country, and a solid economy, it is up to you to keep your traditions and culture alive, but that has nothing to do with other people living around!

          Seriously, less than 2 million people in a global world… drop of ink in the bathtube. The problem does not come from outside, because there is no outside anymore. To keep culture/language and so on alive is up to you, work on it, promote it, enjoy it, document it…

          In this sense, is good to have visitors: I have been here for a year and now I live knowing more about Estonia and keeping it more alive. If there were any doors to close, to close them would be a big mistake.

  • Hello Mr. Veyrat.
    I find this article very impressive and i got to say that as a estonian I’m going to have to agree with you. In my opinion Estonia should stop trying to keep those people out of our community, becouse we live in the 21th century, where every people has a right to live wherever they like to live. But our goverment lacks the resource or the will to help these people adapt to our community(teach them some estonian and so on). So therefore they just try to keep them away from our country, but that’s not a answer to this problem.
    Still i find this disturbing that my mom and dad have to work so hard to feed our family and then i see these refugees who use the money that they are given every month to buy a shop cart full of beer. I saw it myself when i went to my local grocery store. It wouldn’t have disturbed me if i had known that he has earned that money by himself, but he hasn’t, he gets it from the taxpayers money. That’s another reason why we Estonian and the goverment included should try to help them blend into our community, because if we keep avoiding them, they will keep their old lifestyle and anything won’t change. I bet they are really open to changes, if we are willing to help them.
    In conclusion i love my country, but there are some aspects that i don’t like about it, including the racism problem, but just so you know, everybody in Estonia are not racist, including me.

    Have a nice day,

  • Ну если такой умный блять ,тогда какого хера ты нас учишь ,как нам жить ,изза таких как ты у нас и начинаются проблемы,не нравиться уежай ,и семью свою забирай. А знаешь почему я считаю их обезьянами потому ,что они ничего другого не умеют, Они у меют только плакать на свою никчёмную жизнь и просить помощи ,у Европы, а взять и попытаться чтото-то изменить в своей стране ,ну им лень ды и к тому же им за это никто не заплатит,поэто у и едут в Европу. Так что господин Вейрат пошёл ка ты на хуй обратно в свою Испанию ,нам такие как ты ненужны и негры нам тоже не нужны

  • Reason: EU stupid immigration policy.
    Result: Increasing negative attitude towards unwanted immigrants in many countries.

  • Pablo you think that neegrid going to defence my country in case of war? Or you pablo ,are you going to defence my country in case of war,because i going to,but you not,you will go back to your spain …

    • Well.. whose planes are flying around, defending the country? Estonia’s?

      Ooooops, sorry I forgot you are the size of small Paris’ district and cannot afford to have planes.

      Nah, but you are right, fuck the others. From now on everyone one on their own.

      But when after rejecting your quota of refugees, leaving UE and leaving NATO, Putin invades Estonia and you are in a fucking boat with absolutely nothing trying to sneak into Europe for your life, please remember we had decided not to give a shit about refugees.

  • Thank you for showing us Estonian deficiencies. But your own home is clean, don Pablo de Veyrat? Catalans and Basques are free from Spain conquistadores? All bleeding corrida steers healed?, Indians gold returned to their owners? Aristocratic classes have been abolished, and all citizens are equal under the law? Make first your own home clean, then come say what estonians do wrong and WHY. I apologize that you insulted by a man with tatoo. But It’s not his fault, this is not the fault of other Estonians. Whose fault is? Ask from Brussel and own country why Spain, Greece and Italia not guard the borders. We have not conquered, occupied, colonized anyone. Syrians and somalis themselves put their home on fire, we not helped him. Why we need help idiots? We are not traded Africa slaves, as the Spaniards, why we need repair you country colonial heritage? Soviet russians 1945 – 1975 ethnically cleansed Narva, half east Estonia and sent Estonians to Siberia. Now we have already 300 000 not integrated soviet immigrants-colonists, and half of them hate the Estonians. Why we need take more? We send the money to the Greeks and and they send us more immigrants, Africa unlearned natives, syria muslims and terrorists. Africa can not speak Estonian, consequently, we are racists.

  • So you’ve lived in Estonia for 4 years and didn’t bother to learn the local languge and you think an African (coming from completely different language system) will learn it. What a naive clown you are. Because without knowing the language there will be no integration.

  • I am an estonian and totally agree with you! Thank you for pointing these points out and I hope you do not leave eatonia because of a few ignorant racists living here.

    I can also point out that one of the root causes of the ignorance is the deficit of foreign news in the estonian media.

  • I agree. But I wonder whether the real problem is actually the misunderstanding of the concept of “race”. I would say that it is the concept of “nationality”. Race has to do with ethnicity and this is something you can measure and describe: blond hair, blue eyes, etc. Nationality, on the other hand, is an artificial construction (invented in the 19th century). The real problem is that there are people who (still) think that race = nationality.

  • Kas Sina Tallinnas elav ja tõenäoliselt eesti keelt mitteoskav inimene suudad mõista eesti rahvast. Kas sa tead Juhan Liivi, kas sa tead laulupeol lauldavat lugu” Ta lendab mesipuu poole ” või “Sind surmani,” või “Mu Isamaa on minu arm”. Kõik need näitavad isamaa armastust ja seetõttu ei mõista me inimesi kes oma isamaa eest ei taha võidelda… Põlvkond põlvkonna järel on eestlased oma elujärge parandanud, seda teiste käsu all olles, loonud oma kultuuri, oma haritlaskonna jne. Nüüd andkem kõik saavutatu käest täites endistele kolonisaatorite, orjapidajate ja sõja vallapäästjate soove. Eesti pole kellegi vastu sõda alustanud, pole kedagi koloniseerinud ega orjastanud. Eestis pole rassismi kunagi olnud, mida ei saa sinu, tolereerija, isamaa kohta öelda. Kui te tunnete karma võlga, siis peate selle ise lunastama.

    • It’s very sad to see that the racist bullshits go on everywhere. I didn’t think that here in Estonia there were so many racist people. That’s maybe because estonian universities are doing all the possible to get people from other countries (Turkey, Africa, Georgia , Russia , Finland and so on) because they know that the population in Estonia is going dramatically down and that they have a big vacuum of jobs.
      Oh, and to racist estonians who commented here, it doesn’t seem you want to be alone planning to have 10.000.000 of e-residents within 2020 . What is it? When foreigners bring money they are welcome- and they don’t need either language or to even show-up onece here, and when they look for a better life they are not?

      Italian in Estonia.

      • e-residents bullshit is our fking governemental politiicy, not for ordinary estonians. go home! we have 30% refugees from russia! How much we must take? We only want to survive. If estonians disappear then world is loses.

        We have been only 24 year free again, we gomes from Soviet Hell. Let us start our life again, step-by-step. But you want to wipe us out of map again. No we are not agree!

  • Looks like someone has a chip in his shoulder. For those who will manage to fight away left sentiments will surely see that Europe is being bent… Islamised. That is the real threat and has always been – just open your textbook. Religious wars, in one form or another, have formed our societies for centuries. This is just another twist to a never-ending battle. Let’s hope that Christian countries will remain Christian .

  • I myself don’t care about the color of skin or race the person is if the person is a hard working intelligent human who wont come here to find free meals and that everything should be just given to the person then whoever the person is is welcome here but so far what i have seen in Estonia and other country’s ain’t good i myself don’t want any freeloaders criminals mobsters we have our own portion of them and of course terrorists we don’t have them here and would like to keep it that way.

  • Hola,lo que pasa en Estonia no es muy diferente de otros paises con monoetnias ,con el agravante de haber sufrido siglos de atropellos y ocupaciones. La gente desconfia de TODO lo que viene de afuera ,hasta ahora no ha sido nada bueno. Hace años deje de ver el color u origen de las personas pero sí entiendo el miedo y desconfianza.

¿Qué te parece? Me interesa.

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